Ventilation Tips

Homes today are built more tightly than ever. This saves energy dollars, but creates a potential concern. Condensation, cooking odors, indoor pollutants, radon gas, and carbon monoxide may all accumulate. We provide mechanical and passive methods for ventilating homes. Your attention to ventilation is important to your health and safety.

If your home includes a humidifier, closely observe the manufacturer’s directions for its use and care. Low to moderate settings in winter can maintain desired comfort levels without contributing too much moisture to your home. In periods of extreme cold, you may need to turn the Humidifier off

Daily Habits

Your daily habits can help keep your home well ventilated:

  • Do not cover or interfere in any way with the fresh air supply to your furnace
  • Develop the habit of running the hood fan when you are cooking
  • Develop the habit of running the bath fans when bathrooms are in use
  • Avoid setting your thermostat at extreme temperatures.
  • Air your house by opening windows for a time when weather permits
  • Keep dryer exhaust hose clean and securely connected.

Proper ventilation will prevent excessive moisture from forming on the inside of the windows. This helps reduce cleaning chores and prevent damage to drywall and other finishes due to excess moisture.

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