Air Conditioning Tips

Troubleshooting Tips: No Air Conditioning

Before calling for service, check to confirm that the:

  • Thermostat is set to “cool” and the temperature is set below the room temperature.
  • Blower panel cover is installed correctly for the furnace blower (fan) to operate.
  • Air conditioner and furnace breakers on the main electrical panel are on. (If a breaker trips, you must turn it from the tripped position to the off position before you can turn it back on).
  • 220 Switch on the outside wall near the air conditioner is on.
  • Switch on the side of the furnace is on.
  • Filter is in a clean condition which allows air flow.
  • Vents in individual rooms are open.
  • Air returns are unobstructed.
  • Air conditioner is not frozen from overuse.

Even if the troubleshooting tips do not identify a solution, the information you gather will be useful to the service provider you call.

More Air Conditioning Tips

Your home air conditioning is a closed system, which means that the interior air is continually recycled and cooled until the desired air temperature is reached. Keep all windows closed, while operating your air conditioner.

The heat from the sun shining through windows with open window coverings is intense enough to overcome the cooling effect of the air conditioning unit. For best results, close the window coverings on these windows.

The air conditioning unit only begins a process when you set your thermostat. Settng your thermostat at 60 degrees will not cool the home any faster and can result in the unit freezing up and not performing at all. Extended use under these conditions can damage the unit.

If evening cooling is your primary goal, set the thermostat at a moderate temperature in the morning while the house is cooler, allowing the system to maintain the cooler temperature. The temperature setting may then be lowered slightly when you arrive home, with better results.

What to Do when There’s Ice Buildup on Your AC Unit

Please read our article on air conditioner ice buildup here.

Adjust Vents

You can maximize air flow to the occupied parts of your home by adjusting the vents. Make sure the vents are open to the maximum extent on the upper floors during the summer, for optimum air flow/cooling. When the seasons change, readjust them for comfortable heating

The manufacturer’s manual specifies maintenance for the condenser. Review and follow these points carefully. Since the air conditioning system is combined with the heating system, follow the maintenance instructions for your furnace as part of maintaining your air conditioning system.

Temperature Variations

Temperatures may vary from room to room and floor to floor by several degrees Fahrenheit. This is due to such variables as floor plan, orientation of the home on the lot, type and use of window coverings, and traffic through the home.


If a humidifier has been installed on the furnace system, turn it off when you use the air conditioning, otherwise, the additional moisture can cause a freeze-up of the cooling system.

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