Air Conditioner Not Working?

Before you spend hard-earned money bringing in experts, here are some checks you can use to troubleshoot your air conditioner. Please exercise caution when attempting these yourself.
Why won't my air conditioner work?
Check that your thermostat is set to cool.
Check to see if your outside unit is clear of debris .
Make sure you have a clean air filter in your furnace.
Unclog your condensate drain line.
Verify the breaker in your electrical box is “ON” for your Air Conditioner.
Check to see if your outside unit is frozen up with ice. If it is, set your thermostat to fan and contact Oak View Mechanical for a diagnostic appointment for the next day. (No one can diagnose an air conditioning problem until the ice has melted.)
Get a system tune up. These can only be performed when the outside temperature is above 65 degrees.

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