Waste or Waste D-W-V Pipe

There are many different types of waterline pipe. Any residence may have several types depending of the purpose.

PEX is a durable plastic piping that’s used to supply water. It is rigid enough to withstand the pressures of water supply but flexible enough to weave throughout walls, ceilings, basements and crawlspaces. PEX is typically used as hot and/or cold-water distribution lines within the house, and for hydronic piping for radiators.

Waste DWV Pipe is a white plastic pipe material that’s commonly used for waste lines. It is inexpensive and fairly durable, but not rated for highly pressurized applications. It is used for drainage and vent lines within the house, and below-ground irrigation water supply.

Copper pipe is often used for water supply lines within the home. It does not come with health risks unlike other pipe materials, such as plastic, that can leak chemicals. It is quite durable, but fairly expensive. Rigid copper pipe is routinely used for sinks, showers, tubs and other fixtures.

ABS pipe is made of thermoplastic resin and looks like PVC except it is black and slightly softer. It’s mainly used as a vent and drain line. ABS pipe is fairly durable, though sun exposure can warp and degrade it. It is a cost-effective choice. Use ABS pipe for indoor and outdoor plumbing, but when it is used indoors, it should only be used to for drain, waste or vent purposes.

Braided Pipe is flexible tubing typically made of stainless steel. It’s commonly used for final piping connections to appliances, such as water heaters, toilets, and sinks. It should not be used inside walls or floors. It’s somewhat durable, though not uncommon for it to fail after years of wear and tear. It is also expensive, though typically not much is need for a project.

Galvanized Water or Drain Pipe and Cast Iron are typically found in older homes. Galvanized pipe is rigid, and corrosion-resistant (black iron), now mostly used for gas supply lines. It has good durability, but is pricey to install. Each end of the pipe is threaded, and individual pipes are screwed into each other with connecting fittings. Cast iron is rigid, dark gray piping that was often used for sewer and drainage purposes. Cast iron is expensive but durable with good longevity until it rusts completely through. Most retrofits tend to replace cast iron pipes with rigid plastic pipe, such as ABS or PVC DWV.

When choosing the right pipe for your plumbing job, the most important factors are function, layout and cost. Many building codes dictate what water piping can/cannot be used. Oak View Mechanical can evaluate your plumbing needs and provide cost-effective options.

Faucets, sinks, tubs, shower controls/shower heads, garbage disposals, sump pumps, and icemaker/laundry equipment water lines all eventually fail, or need replaced for aesthetic purposes. Sometimes you need to add some of these for remodel projects. All are projects where you do not want to install them incorrectly, or have “extra” parts when you are done. Oak View Mechanical can evaluate your needs, install the plumbing parts, and give you the reassurance that the job is done right.

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